Our Services are specifically aligned to meet your needs and reduce IT costs.

Our consulting services ensure a significant reduction of costs and improvement of results during all phases of project implementation.

From the conception to the implementation of any IT solutions, we strive to ensure that an investment in technology has a positive expected return.

Learn about our services and learn how we can help your business to achieve the maximum yield with efficient solutions.

  • Luiz Antônio, Head of IT Services.

    We ensure more Productivity, Performance and Cost Reduction.

  • Sérgio Matos, Sales and Business Development Director.

    Professional services that represent real advantages for your company.

Our highly qualified professionals provide the best services in Outsourcing.

We appoint qualified professionals with a domain of best practices and expertise in the most varied technologies and languages of the market. We provide services relating to: project management, software development, support, maintenance and other infrastructure services that propitiate excellent operational improvements, increase the productivity and reduce the IT costs of your company.


We rely on hundreds of consultants certified in Java and .Net technologies, functional consultants certified by SAP and Oracle, project managers with PMP certification, technicians and support analysts certified in ITIL, Cobit and Cisco methodology, consultants specialists in software tests and an infinity of specialists in technology, with extremely competitive costs, to meet all the needs and resources for your projects.

See the differentials of this service.

  1. Our strict selection and training process ensures the best consultants to complement your team of IT projects.
  2. Our remuneration and talent retention policy keeps our professionals longer in the company, preventing evasion of important assets from the projects.
  3. Our ways of hiring respect the policy of each client and will accommodate accordingly to each project.
  4. Our time material contracts do not require a minimum time of hours/month, thus, it is the customer who defines how many consulting hours effectively shall be provided and how they will be carried out.
We are a SAP Partner. Learn about our services and solutions consultancy.

We have experience in projects for implementation of SAP solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, DW, BI, Mobility, and outsourcing services), upgrades and SAP Roll Outs, customization of SAP processes with expertise in PI, BI, Portals, Interfaces with MES, SAP Console, Hana technology, ABAP plant, and SolMan. 

We develop innovative business models, implement strategies and redesign processes that ensure the maximum advantage of the value invested in each business process.

Learn about our SAP solutions consulting services and how we can help your business to achieve maximum yields. With efficient solutions, we can further reduce costs and make significant improvements in such a short timeframe.

Our Development of Software includes different platforms, languages, and tools.

We design, develop, implant and we evolve the best strategic system offerings and adjusted solutions to your company, such as: Java, .Net, C/C++, iOS, Android, Phonegap, Grails technologies, and much more.

Visual C++

Our Software Factory takes care of development projects with experienced and certified professionals in order to ensure the quality and the fulfillment of deadlines.

Our IT Infrastructure services range from small structures to large-scale data centers.

Service Desk

Our priority is to respond to incidents and troubleshoot quickly. This allows for the immediate corrections of systems problems and incidents from the end user.

About the service

This service provides installation and configuration by means of remote access software to reduce disruptions and accelerate service restorations, correct problems and reduce system downtime, reducing costs and saving important IT resources.


A wide portfolio of services and products that enclose all the aspects necessary to guarantee the security of your data network.

About the service

Our network security services range from solutions of intrusion detection and prevention (IPS) to network access control (NAC), through firewall, VPNs and all the modern technologies used to protect the infrastructure of your company.


We have a wide network of hardware maintenance servicing 30 thousand calls per month.


About the service

By means of telephone service or by means of calls generated electronically, we work with several SLA (Service Level Agreement) levels that can be contracted in accordance with the type of service and the needs of your company.

We meet the specific needs of your company’s infrastructure projects and services. Our experience with companies of different segments and sizes allows us to provide high quality services by meeting all the needs of your business.

Consulting services for Oracle products and systems.

Our experience in architecture, planning, implementation, upgrade, migration and specialized services help your company to accelerate the adoption and ROI of Oracle technology solutions and applications.

Our consulting services take care of all the chain of products and systems of Oracle Technology:

 Oracle Applications (Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, JD Edwards Enterprise One, JD Edwards World);

 IT Strategy and Architecture Services (Data Center, Cloud Services, Big Data Services, Application Services, Industry Solutions);

 Implementation Services (Update and Migration);

Choose the best In-Company Training plan focused on your needs.

We create personalized courses in accordance to the strategic demand of the customer. Our courses are designed to meet the needs of technical capacity, development, and support of technology sectors, and from the strategic objectives of the organization.


The main advantage of our in-company training is how the program is customized. This adds flexibility in the planning of its accomplishments to arranging dates and schedules. In addition to preserving the integration of the company’s professionals, we continue to strengthen and value our interpersonal relationship.

Intelligent solutions allow us to make the best plan-of-action for any situation.

We provide your company with a set of solutions aiming at giving more flexibility, better controls and access to more accurate and reliable information to make decisions, perform actions with efficiency and speed, especially in high-competitive environments.

The collaboration of solutions from our company and partners make it easy to manage business processes and enable the delivery of products and services with competitive deadlines and prices.

Learn about Alfresco solutions. A platform based on open source and open standards.

Our association with Tenthline – Canada (www.tenthline.com), we offer consultancy based in Brazil for the implementation of Alfresco systems, the number one open source system in document management worldwide.

Alfresco is a simple solution because it is guided to the end user, and it is intelligent because it is compatible with more open standards that any another ECM platform.


Access documents such as presentations, contracts and product documentation from anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Content Management.

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets can be a boon for business, but only if they’re managed properly. Are your devices helping to create a streamlined organization that thrives on mission-critical content or are they creating more document access headaches?

Manage business-critical documents like contracts, proposals, agreements and other content that drives the organization.

Document Management.

Vital documents like contracts, proposals, agreements, technical renderings and other content are crucial for success. Yet, many organizations have documents stored all over the place — on desktop computers, network drives, email, USB sticks and in various consumer file sharing sites.

Increase productivity by boosting efficiency in business processes and streamlining document-centric management.

Process Management.

Agile organizations need to automate business processes quickly so individuals can be supported by those efficiency gain, rather than thwarted by inflexible processes. Standardizing and implementing business processes across the enterprise creates effectiveness, ensures consistency and leads to continuous improvement.

Can You Share Content outside of Your Firewall and Keep it Secure?


Many organizations struggle with access issues, believing that collaboration comes with security risks. With Alfresco, you can keep your highly valued content secure while still sharing documents.

Automate compliance by managing the complete lifecycle of a record from initial creation to final destruction.


Imagine a worst case scenario: You’re involved in a lawsuit or audit, and you need to compile mission-critical business documents that range from scanned images and email to social media files and web content. You have until the end of the day. Could you do it?