Financial Sector


We operate in the Financial Sector by providing specific solutions and services developed by specialists in each market segment.

Our portfolio for each segment takes care of the market trends with mobility solutions for payment methods in several access platforms, relationship with customers, service solutions integrated with the social networks, and data security in banking transactions.

We offer smart and customized services according to the needs of the customer by adding sophistication and a high level of innovation. Our dedicated services to each sector will constantly evolve with specific needs.

Insurance Market

Our portfolio for the insurance sector includes services and solutions detailed by experienced and dedicated professionals to the segment.

We operate in the Insurance Market providing: mobility solutions, applications for mobile devices and solutions integrated to the social networks. We also provide services that respond to the requirements and needs of the sector with innovation, security and trust.

We deliver complete solutions and new products dedicated to the operations and management of the insurance chain in an integrated way. We develop software on demand by means of an expeditious method in a fast and safe way. We also implement and integrate solutions and services minimizing the impacts generated on existing operations.


Industrial Segment


Our structure to meet the Industrial Sector relies on teams specialized in services and solutions applicable to the segment that provides: support, consultancy, infrastructure services, development and integration of systems.

Among our solutions we highlight the development of MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and PCP (planning and control of production) on demand. We adjust the existing necessities of the customer to the existing processes, machines and equipment, as well as the integration of these systems with the ERP of the company and other systems.

Our operation in the sector is tuned to the service of each step of the value chain. The use of technologies and processes provided produce the best results and ensure the stability of services and solutions.

Retail Sector

We operate in the Retail Sector with the development of projects, software and specific mobile applications that, integrated to existing systems and ERP platforms. Our innovation towards technological trends of this segment provides more agility and reduction of costs.

While focusing on the retail segment, we develop safe e-commerce platforms using modern technologies such as: media monitoring systems and consumption standards, systems and applications integrated to social networks, safe and alternative methods of payment with the use of mobile platforms (Smart Phones and Tablets), in addition to integration consulting and infrastructure services.

The purpose of our software factory for this sector is to develop and integrate customized and flexible e-commerce solutions. We focus on the generation of results and continued evolution strategy to support growth of electronic commerce.


Health Area


Our area of consulting services specialized in the Health Sector gathers experienced professionals and modern technologies. We develop, implement and maintain intelligent solutions and more efficient and value-added services for hospitals, health operators, laboratories, public sector, and the pharmaceutical industry.

We offer a complete portfolio of solutions and support services directed toward the segment, such as help desk, development, integration and configuration of systems and equipment, connectivity and staff training. Our objective is to reduce costs and speed up the clinical processes with quality and security.

Our service to the sector includes services and solutions contribute to an increase in productivity. We cover all of the necessary functionalities for good management of administrative and operational processes with high standards of quality.

Telecom Sector

We provide solutions that involve consulting services, software development and outsourcing, which allow the companies to reduce costs and improve the businesses in compliance with the requirements of the market.

We operate in the Telecom Sector with dedicated teams that have dynamic work methodology and with a portfolio of proprietary services: these ensure the operation of components or business processes by means of specialized solutions turned toward core business, infrastructure of networks and support solutions to the business.

Our solutions and services in this segment are focused on the performance improvement of the sector and for attaining concrete results that take care of market requirements.


Public Sector


We operate in the Public Sector with dedicated teams to take care of the technological needs of the segment, providing services and solutions designed to size in agreement the particularities of each area: financial administration, public education and services, transport, justice, health, security.

We have experienced teams in businesses related to the public sector that work in accordance with the best market practices (CMMI, MPS.Br, PMI, and ITIL) to develop solutions and to provide services that take care of the needs of each sector.

Our expertise in each sector includes services and solutions that enhance the quality of the public service and implement required practices including good management of administrative and operational processes in accordance with quality norms and standards.