We are an IT Consulting Company specializing in assisting several sectors of the economy.


Leader Technology is a technology consulting company that provides solutions, products and services for small, medium and large companies. They span across various sectors of the economy (financial, insurance, trade, retail, healthcare, industry and telecom) and for the public sector.

We provide services of Software Plant, SAP Consultancy, Oracle and Microsoft, Training, Outsourcing of Professionals, of Applications and Infrastructure, ensuring the best results and highly available IT environment.

By means of our consulting services, we elaborate projects with a high level of added value of technological innovation, we develop projects of IT infrastructure for environments of high availability, we offer services of systems development in our software plant, and outsourcing of IT technology processes and sectors at the installations of our customers.

With a large history of success in projects we have developed, we are one of the leading companies of in segment of support, development, implementation and integration of technology solutions, business support, consulting, and service provisioning.

Our relationship with our customers is more than just commercial, it is trustworthy!

Developing trusting relationships with our customers is one of the biggest advantages of our company. Our commitment goes far beyond the business of our customers, since we are committed to bringing you undeniable results. Here are some companies that have worked with us.

Brasil Kirin
Saint Gobain

Some company names and logos have been excluded to comply with confidentiality requests.

We associate ourselves with the best partners in order to reach the results you desire.

We are the best strategic option when searching for a company to implement or to integrate solutions, because we are partners with the biggest companies that provide corporate software in the world.

We are present in the most important economic and financial centers. We also depend on competent and well qualified professionals to carry out services of implementation and customization.

We are able to provide, with our partners, we are able to provide the system and services that your company needs to go beyond and reach extraordinary results.


SAP is the global leader in collaborative business solutions and multi-companies. Its ERP corresponds to 30% of participation in the worldwide market.

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We implement and integrate SAP solutions (ERP, CRM, SCM, PLM, DW, BI, Mobility, and outsourcing services), upgrades and SAP Roll Outs, customization of SAP processes with expertise in PI, BI, Portals, Interfaces with MES, SAP Console, Hana technology, ABAP plant, and SolMan.


Oracle develops and commercializes hardware, software and data bases. Its ERP correspond to 13% of participation of management software in the worldwide market.

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Our consulting services meet all chain of products and systems of Oracle technology: Oracle Applications, Services of Implementation, Update and Migration.


Microsoft develops, manufactures, authorizes, supports and sells software, electronic products and personal services. Its ERP corresponds to 5% of world market participation.

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We meet the entire chain of Microsoft products and services. Integration and deployment of Microsoft Dynamics, solution customization, report development, SharePoint, Outsourcing of certified professionals.


IBM manufactures and sells Hardware and Software, offers infrastructure services and hosting services. Currently, it is the largest IT Company in the world.

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We develop systems in IBM platforms, and outsourcing of professionals certified in Lotus Notes. Our partnership also extends to services of infrastructure and hosting of applications in its Data Centers.


Tenthline is an Open Source ECM consulting company, which uses corporate-class open source products, and provides end-to-end implementation and support services.

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Tenthline is an Alfresco’s Gold Partner in North America and has its partners in Brazil. We represent and we sell the company’s services related to Alfresco products and solutions.

Tenthline is recognized as a highly reliable consulting firm with regard to planning, design and support to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions.

Our quality standards are important to us and are recognized by our accredited certifications.

Our quality standard in processes, quality management, and governance is confirmed by the most respected certifications, in accordance with the best market practices.

ISO 9001-2000

ISO 9001:2000 is an international standard that provides requirements for the quality management system (QMS) of organizations. We have a QMS that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2000, the only standard of series ISO 9000 that can be used for purposes of evaluation of conformities.

CMMI is a reference model that contains generic or specific practices necessary to the maturity of the company. It is based on the best practices for development and maintenance of products; CMMI strives to establish a single model for the corporate involvement process.

We dedicate our efforts to delivering high-standard services to our customers and implement in our processes, professionals and tools, the best practices of quality management based on the major frameworks and standards of the market.

Mission, Vision and Values: these are the parameters that guide our company.

Our growth is based on the positive results of our customers and on the basic parameters that guide our company.


Our mission


Our mission is to provide services with superior quality using processes, methods and technology tools in order to maximize the profits and reduce the damages of our customers, contributing with the generation of jobs and the sustainable, social and economic development of the countries where we operate.

Our vision


Our vision is to be the best IT consulting company recognized for winning and delight its customers, contribute to their success and exceed their expectations.


Our values

Team work – We believe in the exchange of knowledge and agility to fulfill all goals and objectives.

Focus on Success  – We know that this is the difference from succeeding or forfeiting!

Commitment – We fulfill our commitment exemplarily and always committed with our customers.

Trust – We trust the capabilities of our professionals and the capacity to take care of our customers to the accurate measure of their needs.

Respect – We respect our customers, their beliefs and values, the rights and duties of the citizens, the rules and laws which are subject to each environment we operate.